The North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual

The North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual

"Everything you need to know from tree to table"

The North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual

For almost fifty years maple producers have depended on and have been well served by five editions of the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual. During that time there have been many changes in the maple industry, including changes in technology, in maple markets, and in marketing strategies. Last published in 1996, the manual served the industry well for a great many years. Since that time, however, much change has occurred in the maple industry. More is known about proper sugarbush management to maintain a healthy and productive resource. More efficient methods have developed for collecting and processing sap including plastic tubing networks, vacuum pumps, reverse osmosis machines, forced-draft units, sap preheaters, pressure filters, and plastic containers. Marketing skills have become increasingly important to producers wishing to maximize their financial returns.

This new edition of the manual has almost twice as many pages and illustrations as the 1996 edition. It was developed by inviting leaders from within the maple industry to contribute to the authorship of chapters or portions of chapters addressing important aspects of maple products production and marketing. Twenty educators, researchers, and maple producers were involved in providing information, drafting, and/or writing. The contributors were from all across the maple region: Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, and Vermont.

The new North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual, published in 2006, is intended to serve as the basic handbook for sugarbush management, and the production and marketing of pure maple products. Current information and recommendations relating to all aspects of the industry are presented. These guidelines should be helpful to the hobby and beginning producer as well as those established within the industry, along with foresters, extension personnel, and others providing assistance to maple producers. It should also be of interest to those who simply want to learn more about this uniquely North American enterprise.

This edition of the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual is printed in full color on waterproof paper. It is 329 pages long, contains 13 chapters and 5 appendices, and over 150 illustrations. Chapters and appendices included in the manual are as follows:

Chapter 1.       Introduction
Chapter 2.       History of Maple Syrup and Sugar Production
Chapter 3.       The Maple Resource
Chapter 4.       Planning A Maple Syrup Operation
Chapter 5.       Managing Maple Trees for Sap Production
Chapter 6.       Maple Sap Production - Tapping, Collection, and Storage
Chapter 7.       Maple Syrup Production
Chapter 8.       Syrup Filtration, Grading, Packaging, and Storage
Chapter 9.       Maple Sugar, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, and Other Products
Chapter 10.       Marketing Maple Products
Chapter 11.       Economics of Maple Syrup Production
Chapter 12.       Maple Production Facilities
Chapter 13.       Safety in the Sugaring Operation

Appendix 1.       Maple Equipment Manufacturers and Sources of Information
Appendix 2.       Maple Chemistry and Quality
Appendix 3.       Determining Proportions When Adjusting Off-Density Syrup by Blending with Syrup, Water, or Sap
Appendix 4.       Identifying and Eliminating Undesirable Flavors in Maple Syrup
Appendix 5.       Sugarbush Lease Agreement

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