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From late February through early April, farmers in nearly every hill town village in Massachusetts honor an old New England tradition. They take to the woods with buckets, tubing and drills to gather the sap from sugar maple trees, boiling it down to pure maple syrup.

Sugaring is the first sign of the annual agricultural awakening. Old-man winter disappears in puffs of sweet steam from weather-beaten sugar houses. The warmth of the evaporator and the aroma of hot syrup contrast with the lingering chill outside.

It's time for maple syrup poured over pancakes or waffles in a farm kitchen. Or for hot, thickened syrup dribbled over a pan of clean snow to make a rich taffy, called "sugar on snow." Our Massachusetts sugar houses welcome visitors to share the joy of the first true "rite of spring."

There are many ways to celebrate the maple season in Massachusetts, and learn more about our state's sweetest crop. Visit a local sugarhouse, enjoy a meal at a sugarhouse restaurant, or even make your own maple syrup by tapping trees and boiling down the sap.

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