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Maple Sugaring Classroom Guide and Curriculum

This maple sugaring classroom guide and curriculum for teachers was first developed in 1991 and has been updated several times since then. It was a joint effort between the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association and Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom.

Maple History
How Maple Syrup is Made
“Sweet Talk” A glossary of maple sugaring terms
The Seasons of Maple
The Massachusetts Maple Producers Association
Partial Bibliography of Books on Maple

Printable worksheets

Maple Words
Maple Matching
Maple Word Find
Maple Word Puzzle I
Maple Word Puzzle II
Maple Math I
Maple Math II
Maple Math III
Maple Counting I
Maple Counting II
Maple Temperatures I
Maple Temperatures II
Maple Units of Measure I
Native American Scene
Colonial Maple Scene
Evaporator and Sugarhouse Diagrams
Maple Syrup Time (song)
Maple Tree Seasons (coloring sheet)
Maple – Today’s Story
Maple – Today’s Story (questions)
Maple Field Trip Report
Making Maple Syrup Activity
Maples and You – Contribution to the Environment
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