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Curriculum: All About Maple Sugaring

This highly acclaimed classroom guide and curriculum for teachers and home schoolers was developed by the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association and Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom for teaching elementary school children all about maple sugaring.

Maple sugar production provides educators with a unique opportunity to explore a food production in their classroom while incorporating a wide variety of learning experiences. The maple sugar learning activities included in this educator packet provide several subject matter experiences. In addition to teaching materials on how maple syrup is made and maple history, the learning activities included range from simple counting, addition, subtraction, spelling, reading, writing, units of measure, to art, critical thinking, and social studies. See many of the worksheets here.

The teacher is encouraged to utilize these learning activities in coordination with a field trip to a Massachusetts sugarhouse or, if this is not feasible, use as a stand alone teaching process. The learning activities are created to provide quality learning experience with little preparation time – just duplicate and distribute.

Includes poster (not laminated), coloring book, and “Make Your Own Maple Syrup” brochure. For sale to Massachusetts school teachers for $10. For all others, out of state and home schoolers, the cost is $20.

Poster: How we make Massachusetts Maple Syrup

Large four-color poster. $9

Coloring Brochure

Four-page coloring brochure for kids with “what it takes” information and a simple pancake recipe. Great handout for kids at sugarhouses. 25 for $5.

DVD: A Sweet Tradition – The Love and Labor of Maple Sugaring

This 20 minute DVD covers all aspects of maple sugaring; from tapping, gathering, and boiling, to the finished product. Recently filmed with Massachusetts children involved with the annual maple syrup harvest. $25.

DVD: Making Maple Candy & Cream

A 10 minute instructional DVD showing how easy it is to make maple candy and maple cream. This will eliminate all your fears of making these fine confections. Simple, easy-to-follow directions and visual demonstrations show how to make maple candy and maple cream both by hand and with a candy or cream machine. Includes a 16 page instruction manual and recipes. For the home candy maker or professional maple producer. $30.