Cranston’s Tree Farm

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372 Baptist Corner Road, Ashfield, Massachusetts, 01330, USA (Directions)

2024 Maple Weekend

March 16–17: 12–5pm

We will offer tours and a complete explanation of how syrup and products are made, as well as samples of different grades of syrup and cream. We will also be making sugar on snow. We will be boiling on Saturday. Syrup and cream will be available for purchase. Visit us at the sugarhouse, at 197 Bellus Rd. in Ashfield.

We are the 4th generation in our family to produce high quality pure maple syrup. Every spring our rustic sugarhouse comes alive with the sweet smell of maple. It is here where we boil down maple sap on a wood-fired evaporator into its delicate, rich, and robust flavored syrups.

Our maple syrup is sold year-round at the farm or via mail order by calling or texting Jon @ 413-522-5505, or at Ashfield Fall Festival, or during our Nov./Dec. Christmas selling season. Maple cream, candy, and sugar are available only at Ashfield Fest and in Nov./Dec. Wholesale and bulk syrup available.

In addition to our sugaring operation, we both grow and sell hay and Christmas trees. Visit our website and Facebook for more detailed info.

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