Cranston’s Tree Farm

Products & other services: Bulk sales, Granulated maple sugar, Mail order, Maple candy, Maple cream, Maple syrup, Wholesale sales

Contact information

372 Baptist Corner Road, Ashfield, Massachusetts, 01330, USA (Directions)

We are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations in our family to produce high quality delectable pure maple syrup. Our sap is boiled down in a state of the art wood-fired evaporator situated in the quaint and rustic sugarhouse Tom built when he was 15. The fragrant aromas of the burning wood, combined with the maple smell and the clouds of billowing steam, enables one to experience the heart and soul of maple sugaring.

We sell maple syrup, cream, candy, and sugar. We sell wholesale and in bulk. In addition, we offer mail order sales.

In addition to our 1,200 tap sugaring operation, we harvest hay from 23 acres, and grow 30,000 Christmas trees on 40 acres.

On Bellus Rd., off Baptist Corner Rd.

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