Dufresne’s Sugar House

Products & other services: Bulk sales, Granulated maple sugar, Mail order, Maple candy, Maple cream, Maple syrup, Wholesale sales

Contact information

113 Goshen Road, Williamsburg, Massachusetts, 01096, USA (Directions)
(413) 268-7509

The Dufresne family works for the maple sugaring season all year. At Dufresne’s we combine new sap collecting technology with over 100 years of New England sugaring & maple syrup production experience.

We offer all four grades (golden color, delicate flavor; amber color, rich flavor; dark color, robust flavor; very dark color, strong flavor) as well as other tasty maple sugar products for home and commercial use.

Open all year. Can call or stop by between 9 am and 7 pm any day.  Best to call ahead.  We are often out in our sugar bush. Family owned and run producer of single-source maple sugar products. We are also a CDL sugaring equipment dealer.

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