Black Rooster Farm

Products & other services: Mail order, Maple syrup, Other products from this farm

Contact information

161 Rowley Hill Road, Sterling, Massachusetts, 01564, USA (Directions)
(207) 400-5224

Family run – retiree operated – farm/homestead on 8 acres.  In addition to small batch Artisan maple syrup, garden produce and eggs, our farm supports 3 horses (2 boarded), 3 goats used to help with brush and weed control, 9 hens, a black Australorp rooster (Henry) or whom the farm is named – an English Shepherd (Darby) and an orange tabby cat (Gigi) who help with rabbit, squirrel and predator control, oh – and a few humans.

Garden Produce in season and farm fresh eggs year round.

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