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The list of sugarhouses is provided as a convenience and a source of information only and is not an endorsement or certification of any of those listed. Membership in the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association (MMPA), a non-profit organization, is open to all and includes commercial and hobbyist sugarmaking. MMPA cannot and does not conduct actual inspections nor certify particular sugarhouses. Individual members are responsible for conforming to all state and federal standards regarding the production and sale of maple products and maintaining compliance with all applicable regulations regarding health and safety, as well as being properly insured. Neither the MMPA, its Board of Directors, Coordinator or Membership as a whole is responsible in any way with the compliance, maintenance, conduct, process, location, physical plant or product of any individual sugarhouse. There are inherent risks in maple sugaring, including but not limited to burns from heat and steam, walking on uneven, wet surfaces in snow and mud or in the shack. Visitors to any sugarhouse assume these risks and release MMPA, its Board of Directors, Coordinator or Membership as a whole from any injury incurred at an MMPA listed sugarhouse.